9 Hours to Dawn is a survival-horror/point-n-click adventure game created with the Adventure Game Studio engine. You can check the forums there for hints if you need help. Please do NOT email me.

GAME SYNOPSIS: Jack just wanted to have a caving holiday on Mount Shasta. Caught in a terrible storm as he enters the area, he stops to assist a broken-down car. Moments later, a third car crashes into the back of his, wrecking all three vehicles. With no means to go find help, the vehicles’ occupants reluctantly band together to seek shelter from the storm in a nearby abandoned cabin. But this is a cabin with an ill-starred history, and dark forces are abroad in the woods. With dawn a long nine hours away, will any of the stranded motorists live to see the sun rise?

WARNINGS: This game contains profanity, violence, death, and a bit of nudity. That'll either warn you off or encourage you unecessarily.

Click here to download the file.

AWARDS: Nine Hours to Dawn was "Game of the Month" over at Adventure Gamers

Here's a screenshot from early on in the game:

Music Videos

Okay what if you take the Garth Brooks song, "I've Got Friends in Low Places" and use video clips from "The Army of Darkness" to create a music video?! Well... this is the result. These ideas come to me and I *MUST* create them, hence the logo and name of the website.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

More madness will follow... as I have the time.